Tank Tightness Testing

The tank tightness testing method utilized by UST Services Group, Inc. consists of a microphone placed in the ullage portion of an underground storage tank.  This microphone along with a set of head phones are used to detect leaks in both the ullage portion and liquid portion of the underground tank after a positive pressure is established.  This is a non-volumetric tank tightness test and can be performed on tanks with fuel levels ranging from 12% to 95%.  These level requirement are less stringent than other testing methods thus saving the customer both time and money.

 Line Tightness Testing

Lines are tested at one and one half (1.5) times the normal operating pressure.  Each line is tested and monitored individually for any loss in product / pressure.  Product lines can be tested along with the tank tightness testing or on an individual basis.

Leak Detector Testing

Leak detectors are tested in order to insure that they are working / performing as specified by the manufacturer.  Each leak detector is tested separately in its normal working condition (on line).

Helium Leak Pinpointing

Have a leak?  Give UST a call.  All technicians are trained to perform helium leak pinpointing.  Helium is introduced into the product line (for possible line problem) or tank (for possible tank problem).  A helium sensor is utilized to pinpoint the problem area with out having to perform any major excavation.  

Stage II Vapor Recovery Testing

UST Services Group, Inc. can provide both annual and full compliance stage II vapor recovery testing.  We utilize the best equipment on the market today and all technicians are trained to trouble shoot problems, which may cause a system failure.  Most repairs can be made on site to insure less down time and less frequent retest. 

Cathodic Protection Surveys

All UST Services Group, Inc. technicians are professionally trained to perform both annual and three-year cathodic protection surveys.

Waste Water Disposal 

UST Services Group, Inc. is capable of handling all of your wastewater problems.  From vacuum trucks to disposal facility, one call does it all